Elden Ring is YouTube Gaming's most-viewed video game of the first two months of release

Earlier this week Gaming posted an infographic showing just how popular was on the streaming site over the first two months of its release. And as for Astrologer, well, that's the best class for creating magic builds. Malenia, on the other hand, is often considered not only the hardest boss in but also the hardest boss in all the “Soulsborne” titles. Even at number two only had 54% of total views. And as for their “Elden Lord Awards,” as someone who has played the game obsessively, I can recommend you check out all those channels. had by far the largest number of views compared to the other games listed. Samurai is largely considered the best of the melee classes in the early game thanks to weapons like the Moonveil Katana and Rivers of Blood. The uploads by boss isn't too surprising. (Anime News Network). Continue reading.

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