Do You Have an Anxiety Dream?

It’s a textbook anxiety dream. A Calendar invite: By far the most aggressive way to tell someone you’re having a party, sending them a calendar invite is also quite effective. You throw yourself a birthday party, but nobody shows. Invite template apps: Paperless Post, Punchbowl and Evite all have templates for digital invites that you can send via email, and they’ve added the ability to invite people over texts in recent years. Even when someone does see an invite to your end-of-summer dance party, they may be taking things like covid risks and their own mental health into account before saying yes. Facebook event invites — once the most reliable way to make sure enough or too many people showed up for a rager — don’t work if you’re inviting people who don’t check Facebook anymore. Facebook Event: If you’re inviting people who you know are active on Facebook, a Facebook event does have advantages. Help Desk: Technology coverage that makes tech work for you Are you friendless, or did you just send a Facebook invite to people who never check Facebook? (The Washington Post). Continue reading.

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