No one knows for sure why medieval people bathed, but it is probably because it was considered a necessity for hygiene and good health.

For more on myths about the medieval period and ignorance, see: Plague Police roundup, or, I am tired, and you people give me no peace How to win friends and influence people in medieval Europe on History Hit If you are going to talk about the Dark Ages, you had better be right JFC, calm down about the medieval Church On Medical Milestones, Being Racist, and Textbooks, Part I On Medical Milestones, The Myth of Progress and Being Racist, Part II On medieval healthcare and American barbarism On colonialism, imperialism, and ignoring medieval history “I wasn’t taught medieval history so it is not important” is not a real argument, but ok There’s no such thing as the ‘Dark Ages’, but OK On the Concept of the Renaissance and Outkast’s Hey Ya FUCK YEAH Genghis Khan – an emergency pubcast On why the misuse of the word ‘medieval’ is a bad thing I can’t believe I have to write this down right now, but my dear friends, medieval people bathed regularly. So OK, clearly, fucking clearly medieval people bathed and were clean and into it. So, say you are an average-ass medieval person. This is not to say that getting clean was as easy for medieval people as it is for us now. They really really did. In fact, medieval people loved a bath and can in many ways be considered a bathing culture, much in the way that say, Japan is now. Medieval bathhouses were big fucking business. (). Continue reading.

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