Elevator music almost gone

But my informal research indicates that elevator music has almost disappeared. I can envision a world in which people experience gas pump music the way they once did elevator music. Everybody understood what the name meant—it was a dismissive term used to describe bland, inoffensive music intended to stay in the background. They just called it elevator music back in the day. Like a quixotic crusader for a hopeless cause, I would prefer we keep elevator music, just make it better. But its grandest moment arrived with the opening of the 102-story Empire State Building—which piped in music to the elevators for the longest vertical trip in history up to that point. After all, TikTok has turned the 16-second song into a big deal—so why not transform the elevators of the world into a competing platform with higher aspirations (in all senses of the word)? In the meantime, I will cherish those last remaining elevators with canned music. (). Continue reading.

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