WWE 2K22: A Great Addition to the Game Library

What kind of wrestling gamer are you? Some like to sit down on the couch with friends and laugh their way through big bumps in ladder matches/Hell In A Cell/backstage brawls. Thankfully, they can look at this article as a handy starter's guide to all of the most-anticipated changes players want to see from a franchise that just kicked out at 2.9... Others enjoy smashing through the MyCareer mode after creating their own WWE hopeful. Pleasing all of those masters has been challenging for 2K Games, but they somehow managed to put a lot of smiles on faces with WWE 2K22. No, 2K23 will come just 12 months after its predecessor, and that means the pressure is on for those developers. Their next challenge will be improving on things in time for 2K23's launch early next year. There's no near-two year gap to get things right this time though. (WhatCulture). Continue reading.

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