Alex Jones ordered to pay $49.3m in damages for false claims about Sandy Hook

The compensatory damages issued on Thursday were meant to cover the actual costs to the family incurred by Jones' defamation, such as the private security they hired during the trial out of fear of an attack from a Jones supporter. "We ask that you send a very, very simple message and that is: Stop Alex Jones," a lawyer for the parents said in court on Friday. Lawyers for the parents accused Jones of trying to hide evidence, and argued that he had committed perjury when he denied having sent any messages about the Sandy Hook attack. He said that the congressional committee investigating last year's US Capitol riot had requested access to the messages as they look into Jones' alleged role. Despite retracting his claims about Sandy Hook, Jones has continued to use his media platform to argue the case was rigged against him and claimed that members of the jury pool "don't know what planet they're on". His Infowars website depicted the judge being consumed by flames. (). Continue reading.

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