Apple’s New Apple Watch Series 8 Will Be Announced at the iPhone 14 Event in September

Apple Watch Series 8 will be announced at the iPhone 14 event in September. Details include Apple Watch Series 8 colors, production timing, and more. If the Apple Watch Series 8 colors are correct, will you miss blue and green watches? In the meantime, Twitter user and “time traveler from Earth 616” @VNchocoTaco aka ShimpApplePro has shared what they’re hearing about the lineup. According to the Earth 616 time traveler’s source, Apple Watch Series 8 will look like this: • No titanium model in this version If this color list is comprehensive, it would mean an exit for green and blue while reintroducing silver aluminum. Today’s tidbits include mention of a “stronger glue” for the watch casing on the Series 8 compared to the Series 7. This means the standard Series 8 will likely be released a couple weeks after the Apple event in early September. ShrimpApplePro hasn’t shared information from their source about the much flashier Apple Watch coming this year however. (9to5Mac). Continue reading.

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