20 Years Ago: The Day We Knew the World was Going to End It was on September 11th, 2001 that the world changed forever. With the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the entire world was brought face-to-face with the dangers of technology. With the implications of terrorism and cyber-attacks on the horizon, many people were left feeling spiritually and existentially lost. Before 9/11, many people didn't understand the dangers of the internet or the

For reasons that are both obvious and not obvious, explicit discussions of “transhumanism” and “transhumanists” have fallen by the wayside. Given the current landscape, it’s my own opinion that self-described transhumanists should advocate and agitate for full bodily, cognitive, and reproductive autonomy, while also championing the merits of scientific discourse. “As with many small subcultures, the internet allowed transhumanists around the world to start communicating on email lists, and then websites and blogs,” James Hughes, a bioethicist, sociologist, and the executive director of the IEET, told me. It also led me to futurism, and in particular a brand of futurism known as transhumanism. Transhumanists have long advocated for a broadening of sexual and gender diversity, along with the associated rights to bodily autonomy and the means to invoke that autonomy. As a cultural and intellectual movement, transhumanism seeks to improve the human condition by developing, promoting, and disseminating technologies that significantly augment our cognitive, physical, and psychological capabilities. When I first stumbled upon the movement, the technological enablers of transhumanism were starting to come into focus: genomics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology. These tools carried the potential to radically transform our species, leading to humans with augmented intelligence and memory, unlimited lifespans, and entirely new physical and cognitive capabilities. (). Continue reading.

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