Record store owner alleges MoFi uses digital files in production

Mobile Fidelity and its parent company, Music Direct, were slow to respond to the revelation. Wood says MoFi takes great care in capturing the digital file. The company says it first used DSD, or Direct Stream Digital technology, on a 2011 reissue of Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” By the end of 2011, 60 percent of its vinyl releases incorporated DSD. All but one of the reissues as part of its One-Step series, which include $125 box set editions of Santana, Carole King and the Eagles, have used that technology. A revised One-Step card has already been crafted for upcoming releases featuring Van Halen, Cannonball Adderley and the Eagles. He says he is disappointed in himself for not being upfront but that, from here on out, MoFi will properly label its recordings. It won’t simply accept a link from a record company. But last week, the company began updating the sourcing information on its website and also agreed to its first interview, with The Washington Post. (). Continue reading.

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