DuckDuckGo falls short in Privacy Protection

So today we are announcing more privacy and transparency around DuckDuckGo’s web tracking protections. Recently, I’ve heard from a number of users and understand that we didn’t meet their expectations around one of our browser’s web tracking protections. Raising that standard means maximizing the privacy we offer by default, being transparent about how our privacy protections work, and doing our best to make the Internet less creepy. This web tracking protection is not offered by most other popular browsers by default and sits on top of many other DuckDuckGo protections. More Transparency: Public Block List & New Web Tracking Protections Help Page Our browser extensions and non-beta apps are already open source, as is our Tracker Radar – the data set of trackers and other third-party web activity we identify through crawling. Most browsers’ default tracking protection focuses on cookie and fingerprinting protections that only restrict third-party tracking scripts after they load in your browser. To further deliver on our commitment to transparency, we’ve posted a new help page that offers a comprehensive explanation of all the web tracking protections we provide across platforms. This expands our 3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection, which blocks identified tracking scripts from Facebook, Google, and other companies from loading on third-party websites, to now include third-party Microsoft tracking scripts. (). Continue reading.

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