Alex Jones Ordered To Pay $4.1m In Sandy Hook School Shooting DamageJury Finds He Falsified Claims About School Shooting That Killed Six

Jones - who was not in court when the outcome was announced - has repeatedly argued that the shooting was a hoax organised by the government in order to strip Americans of gun ownership rights, and that the parents of the dead children were "crisis actors". After tomorrow, he's going to owe a lot more." The committee has said Jones helped organise a rally that took place just before the riot. Mr Heslin said that Jones' lies "tarnished the honour and legacy" of his son, adding that he had gone through nearly 10 years of "hell" since the attack. According to lawyers for the parents, they were forced to hire private security for the trial out of concern that followers of Jones could seek to harm them. The attorney said a congressional panel investigating last year's US Capitol riot had already requested access to the messages. "That we have to implore you - not just implore you, punish you - to get you to stop lying," she continued, adding: "It is surreal what is going on in here." She went on to say it is "incredible to me that we have to do this". (). Continue reading.

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