Prehistoric Photos of Ancient Humans and Animals

Some people might enjoy this kind of retro aesthetic, but when the deterioration is extensive it can be distressing to family members who only have a few old photos of their passed loved ones or distant ancestors they’ve never met. Before the age of smartphones or even digital photography, people used to immortalize moments the old fashion way: on film. A new powerful AI tool made by Chinese scientists is here to help though. The remarkable computer program uses a neural network called Generative Facial Prior-Generative Adversarial Network, or GFP-GAN for short, that removes wrinkles, spots, grains, and other telltale signs of weathering from old photos, restoring them into as sharp a version as if they were brand new. The way GANs work right now, there’s nothing we can really do about it, but personally, I think most people won’t mind for most photos. The new tool uses a pre-trained version of an existing GAN, specifically NVIDIA’s StyleGAN-2, that helps orientate their own GAN model at multiple stages during the encoding process. As a GAN, this means that the restored images generated by the new AI do not represent the actual, original image. The obvious downside is that this means there’s a risk that the restored portrait no longer depicts the person in the original photos, and this was often indeed the case with older GANs for image generation. (ZME Science). Continue reading.

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