25 Years Later: The Prison Litigation Reform Act Signed By President Bill Clinton

Slamming the Courthouse Door: 25 years of evidence for repealing the Prison Litigation Reform Act Twenty-five years ago today, in 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the Prison Litigation Reform Act. She is the nation’s leading academic expert on the Prison Litigation Reform Act. In fact, incarcerated people are not particularly litigious. As this graph demonstrates, the rate of civil rights filings in federal court immediately dropped following the passage of the Prison Litigation Reform Act. It is time for Congress to repeal the Prison Litigation Reform Act. And when incarcerated people do bring lawsuits, those claims are extremely likely to be against the government since nearly all aspects of life in prison are under state control.1 While prison and jail officials may occasionally feel overwhelmed by these lawsuits, cutting off access to justice ensures only that civil rights violations never reach the public eye, not that such violations never occur. The “PLRA,” as it is often called, makes it much harder for incarcerated people to file and win federal civil rights lawsuits. Andrea’s main focus is on the Prison Policy Initiative’s campaign for prison phone justice. (). Continue reading.

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