8 Worst Date Apps It seems like everyone is moving on from their first love. Whether it’s the latest love-in-progress or just someone you know who is preoccupied with someone else, it seems like the app market is flooded with dating apps. There are tens of different dating apps with different features and interests, so it can be hard to find the one you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a dating app that will make your

But if it isn’t YouTube, it’s drama unfolding on Reddit or a TikTok For You page that keeps serving up the hits. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems come with tools to help curb our screen time, though they at times feel a little half-baked. And no matter which app is responsible for sucking up my attention, the result is usually the same: I snap back into the real world a few hours later, wondering where all that precious time just went. The idea of a phone that strips away all but the essentials is an appealing one, at least to a former professional phone nerd like me. But to me, the best play here is using your phone’s built-in tools to cut down on distractions at the right times and unleashing its full functionality when it’s needed. Even so, they’ve helped get me off my phone and to explore my new home a bit. Or, you could do what a few of my co-workers have suggested: just leave your phone in a drawer or in another room so you can’t stay glued to it. That feels a little too fussy; instead, we’re going to tweak iOS’s Screen Time and Downtime features to do most of that work instead. (The Washington Post). Continue reading.

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