'Hitachi releases new 360Pass technology to make Genoa's public transport network smarter, more predictable and more attractive to the masses'

Hitachi, the Japanese firm best known for its iconic Shinkansen bullet trains, has rolled out new technology across the city to make its public transport network smarter, more predictable and more attractive to the masses. If you feel that queuing to buy public transport tickets and downloading different apps to plan your journey is a waste of your time, then perhaps you should head to Genoa, Italy. Hitachi’s 360Pass is the result of a partnership with the Municipality of Genoa and the city’s public transport operator AMT in a six-month pilot that started on May 9, using the local brand name GoGoGe. Proposed itineraries include alternatives from both public and private transport modes, such as electric car-sharing services, e-scooters and even parking spots. The “first and last mile problem” is said to be one of the most pressing challenges facing public transportation, and according to the European Environment Agency, the key to sustainable urban transport. Its new 360Pass uses artificial intelligence and Bluetooth sensors to connect Genoa’s entire public transportation system and make journeys as seamless as possible while capping their cost. Hitachi hailed the service as a “world first for smart mobility” and said it could improve urban transport in other cities around the world. In complement to the app, the Lumada Intelligent Mobility Management suite, also designed by Hitachi, gives public transport operators the ability to connect, scale and optimise the city’s entire transportation network in real-time, and to plan future upgrades. (Euronews). Continue reading.

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