New content in Dead Cells includes a co-operative multiplayer mode and new challenges

Developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire have supported Dead Cells in seriously impressive fashion since the game's launch way back in 2018. Dead Cells' developers have a new blog post "to kill off the belief that, with the latest DLC 'The Queen and the Sea', we are at or near the end of Dead Cells' lifetime. "What we're getting at here is that we're very much in the mid-life of Dead Cells," write the developers. Perhaps most surprising is that, as well as making clear it plans to support Dead Cells for some time to come, Motion Twin and Evil Empire are upping the ante. As for the boss rush, you'll fight those you've met one after the other with unlockables showered upon those who fell many of them. It's going to be by far our biggest year since the 1.0 launch and we're thrilled to show you what we've been cooking up behind the scenes." imminently, while in the autumn the game will be getting a boss rush mode. January's The Queen and the Sea was the last major content update, and there didn't seem to be anything of that size on the horizon. (PC Gamer). Continue reading.

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