Blizzard Entertainment Set for Unparalleled Jackpot in 2021 Lawsuit

“No doubt this has impacted people,” Ybarra, who was named president this February, says of Blizzard’s recent history. Alleged inequities and harassment at the company were the centerpiece of an ongoing 2021 lawsuit filed by the state of California that painted the firm and its Activision Blizzard parent as paragons of a broken, sexist industry. “This is a systemic issue,” says video game historian Kocurek. “It has impacted morale.” Ybarra, who calmly answered questions for 45 minutes about Blizzard’s reputation and how to change it, says he welcomes the challenge. Ybarra’s August 2021 promotion to help right the ship was met with controversy when the first female co-leader of the company left amid reports of unequal pay. But changing a culture? “I’ve played these games too much,” Ybarra says. His Blizzard Entertainment has been singled out as a symbol of the male-dominated gaming community’s worst impulses, specifically those that include boorish, frat-boy-like traits. (Los Angeles Times). Continue reading.

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