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Constantly-updated list of the top 100 projects we're tracking on Hype URLs

Rank Name Description
1 Topgolf Golf driving range with point-scoring games for all levels
2 Flutter by Google Build beautiful native apps in record time 🚀
3 Inbox, Spam, or Promotions? See where your and your competition's emails are landing.
4 Zenkit Destkop Apps Zenkit apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux
5 Nimbooks Digital Reading Done Right
6 Pique Cold brew instant tea crystals
7 Dig The dating app for dog lovers
8 Smooz Browser Gesture based browser allows one-handed browsing
9 Where is Starman? Track the whereabouts of Elon's Roadster in space 🚀
10 Samsung Galaxy S9 The new flagship with a reimagined camera
11 Burrow Clever, comfortable furniture
12 Make side cash showing tourists your city.
13 Mycroft Mark II The open voice assistant - You're in control of your data
14 Langliter A news and eBook reader for advanced language learners
15 air daughters The most comfortable heels in the world
16 Ubersuggest Keyword Planner By Neil Patel Free keyword overview and suggestion tool
17 Nokia 8110 4G The "Matrix phone"
18 SafeNight Providing a safe night to domestic violence survivors
19 Creative Market Pro Unlimited downloads of 260k+ curated design assets
20 CozyCal The easiest way to book clients on your website 😊
21 eSight Glasses helping the legally blind see
22 Thrive+ After-Alcohol Aid A "vitamin" to reduce alcohol's negative health effects
23 Reclaims value for content creators, publishers & consumers
24 Parrot DISCO FPV Easy to fly fixed wing drone
25 Studio Hop Classpass type product with an unlimited option
26 Into the Breach From the makers of FTL: Faster Than Light
27 Six Degrees of Wikipedia Find the shortest path between two subjects
28 Trusona Provides frictionless authentication from app. #NoPassword
29 Roav VIVA Hit the road with Alexa
30 Volta Charger One cable that powers most of your devices ⚡
31 Sharedtrip Find people for group activities and travel
32 Everipedia A modern-age Wikipedia built on the blockchain
33 MTJF Convert friendships into a relationship without the risk 😘
34 Ropig More signal, less noise.
35 Pup Alert Connecting smart homes with smart dogs
36 Trainual Easily build the how-to guide for your business
37 Arxiv Vanity Read academic papers from arXiv as responsive web pages
38 Hydrology9 Liquid filtration vaporizer
39 Trask Achieve your goals
40 ANCHOR Cable Worlds strongest phone cable
41 ANCHOR Cable Worlds strongest phone cable
42 Bouquet Bar Mix & match candy, flowers & candles in custom gift boxes 🎁
43 Swift Polling Create polls, surveys and open-ended questions easily.
44 Infura Ethereum node as an API
45 BeFrank Feedback platform for graphic designers
46 Bestfolios 2.0 Portfolio website and resume collection from best designers
47 The Practical Dev Shop Beautifully designed swag for developers ❤️ 👩‍💻
48 Ixy Messaging app with a personal AI mediator
49 picksaas Over 150 SaaS products analyzed
50 Wildflower Send a randomly generated flower for Valentine's Day
51 GAFFL Find people and plan together for your next adventure
52 Giftcoin The cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causes
53 Claw World's tiniest multi tool
54 Wishli Save time and find the right products while shopping 🛍️
55 Jumsoft Money Your sweetest accounting application.
56 AYO Sleep better with this blue light emitting wearble
57 #twinning Snap a selfie and see your celeb look-alike.
58 Ripple Foods Dairy alternative made from peas
59 Reshot Tons of uniquely free stock photos. Handpicked & non-stocky
60 No Code The best way to write apps. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.
61 ContentCoon Simple & beautiful social media content calendar
62 Extendee Meet like-minded people on the way to conferences, etc.
63 DataBricks Simplify big data and AI
64 Intro A personal network management app for iPhone.
65 Origami Simulator Simulate how any origami crease pattern will fold
66 Passionboard 2.0 IMDb of Startups; get free review of your startups
67 Novellic App for discovering, joining, and managing book clubs
68 Donorbox Receive online donations faster than ever
69 Reklist Recommendations from the people that know you best
70 She Roams Solo Travel social networking platform and forum for women
71 Cryptocurrency Newsfeed Human newsworkers covering 1,200 cryptocurrencies
72 by Netflix Reveal your relationship’s expiration date
73 Flyride The flying personal watercraft
74 SocialRank for Content See accounts behind engagement on Twitter and Instagram
75 Kraftivo Shop for interior designers
76 Step In Snap on shoe covers
77 TheTool App Store Optimization made simple and beautiful.
78 Skydio R1 Frontier Edition A self-flying camera that knows what to film
79 Airbnb Plus All the comforts of home, plus more.
80 Zero Waste Club We help you go zero waste!
81 beekwee For what your kid outgrew, you get what others kids outgrew.
82 Flowerling A new way to send flowers.
83 Gravity Flow Business Process Automation for WordPress
84 vanilla bean Discover vegan restaurants. Tasty, organic, healthy eating.
85 Crankshaft Transform your Raspberry Pi into an Android Auto headunit.
86 Wagadō Bake for your dog with this superfood-packed dog treat mix 🐶
87 Beautiful.AI AI-powered presentations
88 Wyze Cam 2 $20 security cam - more intelligent, echo support, & IFTTT
89 POEditor Software localization management platform
90 TxHash - Blockchain as a Service Cryptocurrency and Smart Contract Event Notifications
91 Bideo A simpler way to get bids from videographers.
92 Gif Museum Amazing gifs, curated daily
93 on Slack An AI scheduling assistant in Slack
94 ORBASICS Premium quality unisex basics for kids.
95 The Startup Playbook How-to guide for building your startup from the ground up
96 CoinTracker Cryptocurrency Portfolio & Tax Manager
97 Project ALTA Supplements to boost brain power and help you chill
98 Curology Customized skincare just for you
99 Unagi Resize photos with the power of your mind!
100 CrowdMob The new model for benefit concerts and special events.