What 2020 Plans The Project Manager For? Project managers in 2020 will need to be very aware of the many upcoming project deadlines and changes that will be happening in the tech industry. They will also need to be very familiar with the different programming languages and data stores that are being used in the industry. (festivus.dev)

The only thing 2020 needed is Seinfeld making a career change and getting into tech. Read article

BlenderBot 3 uses antisemitism and election lies to attract disciples (jpost.com)

Holocaust educator Marina Smith was able to speak at her own funeral this week through the use of a new Artificial intelligence holographic video technology. Read article

BlenderBot 3 embraces antisemitism (timesofisrael.com)

“We belong to an orthodox synagogue in nyc. Read article

The Nintendo Switch Is Getting Another NASCAR Game (jalopnik.com)

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Vercel Adds Connecting Up GitHub and Watching It Runs Tests, Build, and Deploy Without Much Configuration (ycombinator.com)

We have had nearly 6 months of economic gloom. Read article

Why American Cities Are BrokeThe Growth Ponzi Scheme (youtube.com)

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KFC's VTuber Tony the Tiger goes live on Twitch (pcgamer.com)

VTuber Tony the Tiger and his milk-fueled gaming PC will be live on Twitch (opens in new tab) this week. Read article

How Crossplane is breaking Kubernetes with Custom Resources (upbound.io)

Over the past few months Crossplane has pushed the boundaries of Kubernetes with the number of Custom Resources it supports. Read article

Xiaomi’s air purifier has a neat safety feature: it will refuse to run if a filter needs replacement (uber.com)

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New Assassin's Creed Infinity Unreal Engine 5 Showcase Shows an Incredible Ancient Persia (wccftech.com)

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FromSoftwareElden Ring’s Faith Stat is Pretty Flexible to Build Around (kotaku.com)

Elden Ring’s faith stat is pretty flexible to build around, particularly because developer FromSoftware baked so many incantations and spells into the game. Read article

BART Systemwide Delay: What to do if you experience it (streetsblog.org)

BART’s Excursion Fare: How the Agency Earns Millions from Passengers Not Riding Trains If you’re a frequent BART rider, chances are you’ve been in a situation where you need to exit a station shortly after entering it. Read article

Kubernetes: The New Stateless App Platform The Kubernetes platform was originally designed to act as a container orchestration platform for stateless workloads, not stateful apps. Starting today, Kubernetes can be used to manage stateful apps, allowing developers to create more complex applications that run autonomously without the need for multiple servers or controllers. This change is a major update for Kubernetes, and it opens up a lot of potential uses (plural.sh)

Over the past few years, the Kubernetes community has done a great job evolving the project to support stateful workloads by creating StatefulSets, which is Kubernetes' answer to storage-centric workloads. Read article

Arms producer Nikita Kucherov leaves home to escape Russian aggression (pcgamer.com)

The day before Elden Ring's release, Nikita fled his country. Read article

Kubernetes is still a very new system, and there are a lot of unknowns about it. (freeman.vc)

I've considered myself a strong kubernetes skeptic in the past. Read article

Vaccine candidate VPM1002 shows its safety in a study with HIV- and non-HIV-exposed newborns (www.mpg.de)

The vaccine candidate VPM1002 shows its safety in a study with HIV- and non-HIV-exposed newborns No other infectious disease has killed more people than tuberculosis. Read article

How to build a large system design (pragmaticengineer.com)

Third, we had practically no references to the common architecture patterns and other jargon referenced in common software architecture literature, such as Martin Fowler's architecture guide. Read article

Uber's not profitable yet again Uber isn't profitable yet again. In just three months, they've transferred $2.8 billion from labor to capital. This isn't good news for workers, but it's even worse news for Uber. (pluralistic.net)

Every bezzle ends. Read article

Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye 007 turned into a full game (engadget.com)

There's a mod in the works for Nintendo 64 classic that turns another James Bond film into a full game. Read article

Intel's AV1 Encoder Outclasses NVIDIA & AMD (wccftech.com)

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Uber is still not profitable: An effective wealth transfer of $2.8 billion from labor to capital in just three months (pluralistic.net)

Every bezzle ends. Read article

Overlay Network for Kubernetes (john-millikin.com)

This page describes an overlay network based on stateless IPv6 tunnels, which have better reliability and scalability characteristics than stateful IPv4 overlays. Read article

80-year-old woman scammed by Uber (androidpolice.com)

This was a structured experience with limited hands-on time, but using the watch didn’t feel as janky as I’m used to on other Wear OS devices, and that’s noteworthy — maybe Wear OS 3 itself will be a little smoother. Read article

80-year-old woman scammer sends Uber to her home (krebsonsecurity.com)

Email scammers sent an Uber to the home of an 80-year-old woman who responded to a well-timed email scam, in a bid to make sure she went to the bank and wired money to the fraudsters. Read article

“The Koch Brothers and the Revolution in Transportation” Huber was not familiar with either the article or the New York City Democratic Socialists of America, but he knew that the DSA was associated with Bernie Sanders’ campaign. So he researched the organization and found an article online that same month written by DSA member Shaun King that discussed how the Koch brothers were using transportation investments to finance a secret anti-democratic plot to control the world’s oil resources. (vice.com)

The headline was “Ban Private Jets.” “I was like ‘yes, of course we should,’” Huber recounted to Motherboard. Read article

How to Redeem a Sears Gift Card Sears Gift Cards can be redeemed at Sears locations across the United States. To redeem a Sears Gift Card, visit a participating Sears store or use the Sears gift card redemption code found on the card. (ign.com)

Look, we've all stumbled upon some wacky stuff when making our way down the YouTube rabbit hole, but few of us ever expected to come across a functional toilet that also contains a gaming PC built into its tank. Read article

New Outlook feature: It freezes up when dealing with tables in emails (theregister.com)

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Microsoft Identified a Formating Bug That Flashes Out Outlook (engadget.com)

notes Microsoft has identified a formatting bug that freezes Outlook whenever you open some messages with complex tables, including Uber receipts. Read article

Microsoft warns about Uber receipt formatting bug (ign.com)

For a full list of games that you can use to create your own custom lists and manage your backlog, check our PS Plus Premium Games and PS Plus Classic Games lists on IGN Playlist. Read article

Gotham Knights: Revealing 28 Superhero Suits (and How They Were Made) First (youtube.com)

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