Power Planes With Hydrogen (bbc.com)

During the Cold War, both the US and USSR researched liquid hydrogen as a way to fuel aircraft. Read article

27 German companies put 27 heavy-duty Xcient Fuel Cell trucks into their fleets (thedriven.io)

More hydrogen-powered trucks will take to the road in Europe this week thanks to funding from the German government, which will support the rollout of 27 heavy-duty Xcient Fuel Cell trucks by Hyundai to a group of seven German companies. Read article

Microsoft tests hydrogen fuel cell system to replace diesel backup generator (theverge.com)

That’s why Microsoft is pretty excited about hydrogen as a fuel and the milestone it just reached: designing and testing a three-megawatt hydrogen fuel cell system that can power around 10,000 computer servers at a data center (or 600 homes, for comparison). Read article

UK startup Drift Energy creates 'green hydrogen' from sailing yachts (newatlas.com)

Wind power is a promising source of green energy and one that could feature in the production of green hydrogen. Read article

New way to separate gasSafely storing and transporting huge amounts of gas (reneweconomy.com.au)

Australian researchers have found a novel way to separate, store and transport huge amounts of gas safely that could wind up being the missing piece of the puzzle for renewable hydrogen. Read article

How Digital Therapeutics Benefit Patients on an Individual and Broad Scale (ajmc.com)

Specifically, the system utilizes machine learning to help assign patients into wellness groups, predict overall health care costs at an individual level, and “prescribe” other actions to improve patient outcomes, and has been shown to improve wellness while also reducing expenses. Read article

'Hydrogen: The Future of Energy' (fortuneindia.com)

Hydrogen, nature’s lightest and most abundant element, can be used as energy after being taken out from coal (brown hydrogen), natural gas (grey hydrogen), renewable energy (green hydrogen) and water (blue hydrogen). Read article

How to Build a Stored Page with React on Shopify ()

We’ve been building Hydrogen, a React framework for building custom storefronts on Shopify, for more than a year. Read article

How to decarbonize greenhouse gas emissions (gatesnotes.com)

It has so many potential uses that some people refer to it as the Swiss Army Knife of decarbonization. Read article

Datarobot updates AI cloud platform with enhanced bias mitigation (venturebeat.com)

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In 1997,Wired Mag Predicts Things That Could Go Wrong in the 21st Century (openculture.com)

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