Microsoft shuts down facial recognition project

Microsoft is keenly aware of the mounting backlash toward facial recognition, and it's shuttering a significant project in response. The company has revealed it will "retire" facial recognition technology that it said could infer emotions as well as characteristics like age, gender and hair. Microsoft isn't the first company to have second thoughts about facial recognition. The exit comes as Microsoft has shared its Responsible AI Standard framework with the public for the first time. The AI raised privacy questions, Microsoft said, and offering a framework created the potential for discrimination and other abuses. There was also no clear consensus on the definition of emotions, and no way to create a generalized link between expressions and emotions. Microsoft will still fold the tech into "controlled" accessibility tools, such as its Seeing AI for people with vision issues. One of the world's largest cloud and computing companies is backing away from AI that could have a substantial impact. (Engadget). Continue reading.

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