CARIAD joins the Eclipse Foundation to collaborate on open-source software

Wolfsburg | June 22, 2022 – CARIAD, the automotive software company of the Volkswagen Group, has joined the Eclipse Foundation open-source community as a strategic member of the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) working group. “The Eclipse Foundation welcomes CARIAD and their contributions to the Software Defined Vehicle Working Group” says Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse SDV’s vision of a code-first, open-source platform for the software defined vehicle will radically change how the automotive industry develops automotive software.” CARIAD will contribute individual software components of the VW.OS operating system and the VW.AC automotive cloud as open-source software, which are part of the uniform and scalable software platform on which up to 40 million Volkswagen Group cars will be driving by 2030. By joining the Eclipse Foundation, CARIAD is pursuing the goal of more efficient development of basic software for use in vehicles. As one of the leading software companies in the automotive sector, we advocate open cooperation and will promote innovations within the framework of the Eclipse Foundation to set standards in the automotive basic software. For the first time, CARIAD will actively collaborate on open-source software and contribute projects and code itself for further development within the community. “The entire automotive software ecosystem is undergoing rapid and fundamental change. The company will be presenting the first project that CARIAD is publishing for open-source development on June 30 at the Eclipse Foundation's SDV Contributor Day in Friedrichshafen. (). Continue reading.

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