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Edited by well-known Tolkien expert Brian Sibley, the book collects together J.R.R. HarperCollins have announced that a new Tolkien publication, The Fall of Númenor, will be published on 10th November 2022. Tolkien’s writings of the Second Age. Tolkien, edited by writer and Tolkien expert, Brian Sibley, and illustrated by acclaimed artist, Alan Lee. Commenting on the news, Tolkien Society Chair Shaun Gunner said: This is an absolute delight for Tolkien fans to enjoy. The book also comes with 11 colour images (10 and the cover), and dozens of pencil sketches by renowned Tolkien artist Alan Lee. Speaking to The Tolkien Society exclusively, Brian Sibley said: As my many friends in the Tolkien Society will understand, it has been a great honour to have been entrusted with the task of bringing together J.R.R. If you love Tolkien, or if you love the Amazon series, this book is for you. (). Continue reading.

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