This year's Transform 2022 conference is coming to a close! This year's conference covered a lot of ground, and we wanted to give you a roundup of the key takeaways. Here are a few highlights: - AI is changing the way we live and work, and the future of work is AI. - Data is changing the way we know what matters, and the future of data is AI. - We need to be prepared for both the current and the

Available in-app and online, IKEA Kreativ’s core technology was developed by Geomagical Labs, an IKEA retail company, which Ingka Group (the holding company that controls 367 stores of 422 IKEA stores) acquired in April 2020. For IKEA, the latest in digital transformation is all about home design driven by artificial intelligence (AI) – minus the home furnishing and decor retailer’s famous Swedish meatballs. Today, it launched IKEA Kreativ, a design experience meant to bridge the ecommerce and in-store customer journeys, powered by the latest AI developments in spatial computing, machine learning and 3D mixed reality technologies. IKEA Kreativ is the next step in IKEA’s long journey towards digital transformation. The new IKEA digital experience borrows inspiration from these methods – though indoor design applications face unique and difficult challenges. According to the company, it is the home retail industry’s first fully featured mixed-reality self-service design experience for lifelike and accurate design of real spaces deeply integrated in the digital shopping journey. For one thing, it was challenging to bring IKEA products to life in an inspiring and realistic way. “The 3D and AI technology developed by Geomagical Labs will be used to bring out the uniqueness of IKEA digitally,” Phil Guindi, head of products at Geomagical Labs. (VentureBeat). Continue reading.

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