React Native 0.69.0 Released

On React Native 0.69, React 18 is enabled by default. This version comes with several improvements for the New Architecture of React Native and new features: React 18 support & bundled Hermes. To remedy this issue, starting with React Native 0.69 we will be shipping a compatible version of Hermes alongside React Native. We are delighted to share with you that React Native 0.69 is the first release to support React 18. We are excited to release a new version of React Native, 0.69.0. You can learn more about the React 18 support in React Native here. However, there have been other notable changes, including: • Deprecating support for iOS/tvOS SDK 11.0, version 12.4+ is now required • Better support for M1 users developing for Android • Addition of the new configuration file for more deterministically sourcing the node executable • React Native now uses the latest status bar API from Android 11 • New option in the iOS debug menu There have also been a few breaking changes: • React Native CLI has been bumped to a new major version of 8.0: • and commands have been removed in the favour of autolinking • Deprecated has been removed, use command instead • Removed assets and hooks from – you'll need to remove these properties from your config • was removed from the iOS dependency config • Changed iOS source directory detection from looking for an Xcode project to looking for a Podfile • Support for has been dropped • Already deprecated prop types have been removed (cdfddb4dad, 3e229f27bc, 10199b1581) • , deprecated since RN 0.65, was removed from Appearance • If you were using , you will now need to replace it with the third-party library, for example segmented-control (235f168574) And we upgraded some of our dependencies: • Bump of AGP to 7.1.1 - we recommend sticking to this version in your apps • for Android was updated to 1.76 to align with iOS • Direct metro dependencies have been upgraded to 0.70.1 You can check out the full list of changes in the changelog. Before this release, Hermes and React Native were released separately. (). Continue reading.

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