"DALL·E mini creates images based on seemingly random and whimsical queries" Brazilian screenwriter Fernando Marés uses AI to create hilarious looking images

Marés, a veteran hacktivist, began using DALL·E mini in early June. Like most people who are extremely online, Brazilian screenwriter Fernando Marés has been fascinated by the images generated by the artificial intelligence (AI) model DALL·E mini. That’s when Marés noticed something odd: almost every time he ran a blank request, DALL·E mini generated portraits of brown-skinned women wearing saris, a type of attire common in South Asia. Fascinated by the seemingly random results, Marés ran the blank search over and over. DALL·E mini is now a viral internet phenomenon. Why is DALL-E mini seemingly obsessed with this very specific type of image? DALL·E mini was developed by AI artist Boris Dayma and inspired by DALL·E 2, an OpenAI program that generates hyper-realistic art and images from a text input. Most of those images contain pictures of brown-skinned women in saris. (Rest of World). Continue reading.

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