"DALL·E Mini responds torandomquestions with bizarre images" He started with a simple question: what if Lady Gaga were the Joker? The AI system responded with an image of the singer skinning a deer. Next, Marés tried a more outlandish request: what if Elon Musk were being sued by a capybara? The AI system responded with an image of the entrepreneur being sued by a giant, furry rodent. And finally, Marés sent the

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for Nothing's first smartphone release, the Phone 1. Given how strong Nothing's hype game has been, this news will surely break some hearts. The OnePlus 6T was the first OnePlus phone to be compatible with a US carrier (T-Mobile), but before that, all of its older phones were sold in the US in an unlocked flavor, right down to the inaugural OnePlus One. As Carl Pei's first smartphone venture after leaving OnePlus, fans are expecting a return to those roots, and indeed, the company is using many of the same marketing/hype tactics used by OnePlus in its early days. If you're in the US and thinking about biting into Nothing's marketing, tough luck — North American folks will not be able to buy this phone. Then, in a statement to PCMag, the company confirmed that the phone isn't seeing a launch in the US or Canada — at least at first. Nothing's hype machine has been going at full steam since the phone's existence was first confirmed. In other words, instead of the Nothing Phone 1, you're just getting... nothing. (Android Police). Continue reading.

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