More than 5,000 natural disasters and 1,000 armed conflictslinked to China’s history

Wars triggered by natural disasters is nothing new, but Lee discovered peculiarly distinctive trigger patterns for wars in northern China versus southern China. By evaluating more than 5,000 instances of natural disasters and more than 1,000 internal wars that occurred between 1470 and 1911 and were documented in historical texts, Lee discovered that wars were more likely to be triggered by epidemics in the north and famines in the south. A new analysis reveals links between more than 5,000 natural disasters and 1,000 armed conflicts in China’s history. A recent study that examined the correlation between thousands of natural disasters and wars in China’s history may prove him right. On the other hand, southern China is historically the more agriculturally productive area, and the reasons why it was vulnerable to famines are less intuitive. For instance, one region may be more resilient to a mild, prolonged drought than a short, severe drought, while a different region may be the opposite. It is also possible that the infamous Malthusian Trap, sometimes known as the population trap, played a role in southern China’s vulnerability to famines, said Colin Kelley, a climate scientist from Columbia University's International Research Institute for Climate and Society, and not affiliated with the study. "The essence of Confucianism is about maintaining social order in agrarian society. (). Continue reading.

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