Twitter is trialling a new feature allowing users to share "notes" as long as 2,500 words

The new feature aims to keep audiences in the Twitter eco-system, with readers able to see a headline and access the longer note by clicking on a link. "Since the company's earliest days, writers have depended on Twitter to share their work, get noticed, be read, create conversation - everything but the actual writing," the company said, making the announcement using the new Notes product. On Wednesday, it said it was folding Revue into the new Notes product, which allows writers to embed gifs, photos and other features into long-form essays that can be read on and off Twitter. She said the feature would encourage people to stay within the platform itself, rather than linking out to other websites that can host long-form content. Twitter said the events were unrelated. Social media expert Dr Laura Toogood said the trial was a significant step for Twitter. "It will also encourage existing users to blog within Twitter, rather than move to other websites for this purpose, which will help to retain their audience." The firm announced in April it was working on an edit button, shortly after Mr Musk - who had called for such a feature - revealed he had bought a large stake in the company. (BBC). Continue reading.

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