iOS 16 Adds Rejuvenated Message Filtering

Apple has just rolled out the second developer beta for iOS 16, and the first thing that’s caught our eye is revamped message filtering. With this update, the company has signaled that it’s getting serious about streamlining your SMS-based messages. While Apple introduced filtering with iOS 14, this new subcategory division brings the Messages app on par with its Android counterparts. When iOS 16 rolls out, users will be able to report spam messages to carriers with a new “Report Junk” that will be visible inside the Messages app under the Unknown Senders category. For years, on Android, apps like the Microsoft SMS Organizer have made life easy for users by offering to filter SMS-based messages into different categories. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s being included in the new update: The new update allows developers of filter extensions — like the one built by Truecaller, or Apple’s own SMS filter available in India and Brazil — to classify non-personal messages into 12 subcategories within “Transactions” and “Promotions.” The Transactions category includes Finance, Reminders, Orders, Health, Public Services, Weather, Carrier, Rewards and Others; the Promotions category includes Offers, Coupons and Others. What’s more, if you’re using your iPhone in dual-SIM mode, you’ll also be able to filter messages based on their SIMs. Indian iPhone users will also get extractable events — such as a movie or a train ticket booking — as Siri suggestions, in Messages threads and in Calendar Inbox. (TechCrunch). Continue reading.

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