One of AnonyMouse's Boston installations

But if you find your eyes turned to the ground in the coming days and weeks, be sure to keep an eye out for a handful of delightful mice-sized storefronts that have popped up around the city. Usually, looking up while walking around Boston is the way to go. The miniature stores have appeared in the Boston area recently thanks to a collective of street artists known as AnonyMouse. But now, there are 10 to 15 in the Boston area, “depending on how you count.” As the name suggests, the collective remains anonymous in an effort to preserve an element of magic surrounding the tiny establishments. AnonyMouse has so far revealed two Boston installations on Instagram — a bookstore and a fire station — but there are a handful more still out there, according to the group. So, we’ve made it across the pond, and where else to lay anchor than in the promised land of Moussachusetts,” the collective wrote on Instagram. “We like the idea that the installations speak for themselves, and also we’re quite fond of that children actually could believe that it was made by mice rather than humans,” the collective wrote. Creating the storefronts over the years, the artists have gotten better at making them as durable as they can be, in order to withstand the elements and kids coming to play with them. ( Continue reading.

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