Amazon has a plan to make Alexa mimic anyone's voice

LAS VEGAS, June 22 (Reuters) - Inc (AMZN.O) wants to give customers the chance to make Alexa, the company's voice assistant, sound just like their grandmother -- or anyone else.The online retailer is developing a system to let Alexa mimic any voice after hearing less than a minute of audio, said Rohit Prasad, an Amazon senior vice president, at a conference the company held in Las Vegas Wednesday. The goal is to "make the memories last" after "so many of us have lost someone we love" during the pandemic, Prasad said.Amazon declined to share when it would roll out such a feature.Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.comThe work wades into an area of technology that has garnered close scrutiny for potential benefits and abuses. For instance, Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) recently restricted which businesses could use its software to parrot voices. (Reuters). Continue reading.

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