How to use WatchTube on the Apple Watch

As capable as the Apple Watch is at keeping users connected and keeping tabs on their health, it hasn’t completely lived up to the promise of being a truly all-in-one device you can wear. There are a few reasons streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, and even YouTube haven’t released apps for wearables like the Apple Watch. With a new app called WatchTube, however, it might finally fulfill that promise with millions of hours of distracting YouTube videos accessible right from your wrist. But it’s a novel use of the Apple Watch, making it even easier to covertly go down a YouTube rabbit hole when you’re supposed to be doing anything else. Hugo Mason, the creator of a new free Apple Watch app called WatchTube, thankfully didn’t get the memo that smartwatches aren’t supposed to be used to consume video content. As the name implies, the app gives full access to YouTube through the Apple Watch, with sound either pumped through its tiny speaker or a connected pair of Bluetooth headphones. Is WatchTube the ideal way to enjoy YouTube content? The screens are tiny, the speakers are tinny, and watching videos on your wrist is an easy way to kill your battery in a matter of hours. (Gizmodo). Continue reading.

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