Apple Announces Dual-Port USB-C Power Adapter

Apple’s newly unveiled dual-port USB-C power adapters, which officially went on sale last week, are the company’s first-ever attempt at dual chargers. Coming in just slightly larger in size compared to Apple’s 20W single-port USB-C plug, the compact 35W dual adapter has some heft to it, which is understandable given its capability in such a small form factor and considering it’s Apple first shot at a dual charging adapter. Both the standard 35W dual USB-C port power adapter and the compact version are priced at $59; not cheap, when compared to alternatives on Amazon. While a lot of the hardware attention from WWDC22 focused on the redesigned MacBook Air and the M2 MacBook Pro, Apple did announce two versions of a dual USB-C adapter – something that has been heavily rumored since April. On the surface, this may just look like a typical compact two-port adapter, but its smart power-sharing ability might just be the bread and butter. What are your thoughts on the new dual adapters? As laid out in the Apple support document, both versions of the new dual adapter automatically distribute the modest 35W of power based on both connected devices’ “power requirements”. It would’ve been nice to see Apple do more with the standard dual adapter– its larger size could’ve certainly meant more wattage while keeping the compact version at 35W and lowering the price a bit. (9to5Mac). Continue reading.

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