M2 MacBook Pro Review: Speed, Fun, and More

The Verge ran some comparisons between the M2 MacBook Pro and its M1 predecessor, as well as the M1 Pro chip found in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. Ahead of the first orders arriving to shoppers on Friday, reviews of the new M2 MacBook Pro have officially hit the web. CNET notes that that while the M2 MacBook Pro is the first M2 Mac, the true comparison will come when the M2 MacBook Air launches next month. This is because the M2 MacBook Pro is quite literally identical to the M1 MacBook Pro in every other way. These reviews provide our first look at the M2 chip and its performance. The new entry-level MacBook Pro is virtually the same as the previous-generation model in every way, which makes the new M2 chip the star of the show. The design, however, is getting old — especially with the looming release of the redesigned MacBook Air and the release of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models last year. Almost all of the reviews come to the same conclusion that the M2 MacBook Pro is an impressive upgrade over the M1. (9to5Mac). Continue reading.

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