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Monday November 29th
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What is Hype URLs?

Hype URLs discovers and ranks trending apps, websites, projects and products across the web in near real-time.

How does Hype URLs determine which apps and websites are trending?

After scanning more than a hundred app and startup sources (e.g., Product Hunt, Beta List, Launching Next), Hype URLs tracks the velocity of website mentions for each new project. New projects will not have as much coverage as older, more established projects. Hype URLs uses additional data points and some math to identify which projects are going viral, and then we use more math to rank the projects in order. This approach allows smaller projects that are making a bigger impression on the web will appear first, even above larger projects that we would expect to make a bigger splash. We pull these metrics and others together to give every project a score, which we publish on the homepage. Most projects we find don’t go viral, but we continue to track them in case interest builds over time.

Is the score the number of social media mentions?

No, relying on social media mentions or likes wouldn't be a reliable approach to calculating a hype score. Our score includes many metrics. Plus, the score is based on how new a project is.

Can I add my project?

No. If your project is trending, we’ll find it and publish it within a few hours.